Tokonoma Bar


Matt Darwon (Interior Designer) with Matt Yazbeck


Product: Custom Walling Materials

Colour: Manhattan SHOT

TOKO Sydney

Tokonoma decided to establish a restaurant in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills. The founders wanted to blend visual elements with the product on the plate to create an experience that would remain in the memory of their guests.  This chic Sydney venue features STONE’s bespoke concrete rounds and blocks stacked to create a dramatic tactile patterned wall and bars.


Toko founder Matt Yazbek was inspired by the clay brick patterns he had seen whilst traveling in Japan and wanted to achieve a similar look in his restaurants. With the help of interior designer Matt Darwon they achieved this dramatic effect using custom STONE concrete products.


The earthy raw concrete pattern is highlighted with subtle lighting and compliments the polished blonde wood, copper wall sconces and hand painted murals.  The overall effect evokes the spirit of Japan and is understated, serene and sophisticated.