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stonekast was originally named ‘Classicstone’ and was founded by Craig Bourne.  As a design student in the early 90’s he gained valuable practical knowledge working on landscape, swimming pool and concrete construction projects.  During this time Craig saw a need for high quality concrete products and established STONE in 1995.


Early stonekast commissions were residential projects – particularly for swimming pool copings.  Craig’s passion for concrete as a creative medium and his attention to detail saw stonekast became a resource to designers and trades working on innovative and challenging projects.


Today Craig continues to actively lead his team – inspiring them to continually refine and redefine what is possible using concrete in the built space.

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stonekast has always been directed by our passion and commitment to great design and the desire to support the design community.   This commitment is reflected in everything we do.  As a design led company we will often take on the difficult commissions, create new ways of doing things and we always prioritize quality over expediency. We care about the details because we know that details make the design.

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stonekast pavers are created by a unique, industry-leading wet cast production process that consistently results in products of the highest quality and durability. Our materials are sourced locally, supporting Australian businesses and our environment.

stonekast products are tested to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards in all areas. On request we can provide the relevant testing information and advice for your project specifications.



We believe great things can be achieved when we work with our customers not just for them. We invite them to use our team as a resource and guide to explore what is possible using concrete.