Sydney Council


HASSEL Architects (SYDNEY)


Product: Custom Brick Pavers

Colour: Manhattan SHOT

Colour: Rhodes SHOT


This project by HASSEL is part of the City of Sydney’s laneway revitalization program which aims to breathe new life into a collection of neglected, yet well-positioned, inner-city spaces; responding to the local community’s desire for a more vibrant, safe and connected city center. As part of the program, HASSELL designed the pedestrianisation of Foley Street, Darlinghurst.


The concept for Foley Street looks to the familiar patterns of a hall-runner mat to develop an eclectic grain that resonates with the precinct and provides a distinct contrast to the surrounding public domain paving compositions. Framed by a uniform arrangement derived from the City’s master palette; the feature ‘mat’ is a bespoke tapestry of fine-grain paving. Its contrasting pattern rolls down the centre of the lane, marking out the space and setting the stage for activation.


“Fundamental to the successful execution of the Foley Street design was our collaboration with stonekast.  They produced shot-finish concrete pavers for the project, in Manhattan and Rhodes hues, at a unique unit size that allowed for accuracy in the detailed arrangement, as well as durability to support the laneway’s intermittent vehicle loading requirements. We are delighted with the quality of the completed laneway pavement and its contribution to the growing collection of appealing inner Sydney spaces”, said Angus Bruce, Head of Landscape Architecture at HASSELL.