Caulfield Village


Tract Consultants


500 x 500 pavers Hawthorne ETCH

500 x 1000 pavers Bogong HONED

Custom large format steppers


Just 15 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, the Caulfield village sits on approximately 5 hectares of land, bringing with it new life and color. The development of land, that was once an open grassed area used as a car park for the Caulfield Racecourse, aimed to provide residential apartments, retail spaces, communal residential facilities, car parking, landscaping as well as public infrastructure upgrades.  

The project incorporated STONE Concrete pavers in many of its public spaces as well as residential courtyards and entry ways. STONE collaborated closely with Tract Consultants to provide product in the colors and finishes required for the project.

The ground floor of one apartment building features an indoor/outdoor barbecue area which has been paved in STONEs custom made HONED Bogong pavers. Walking along the East-West walkway, STONEs large format steppers are featured in front gardens, while smaller tiles cover entry ways and outdoor living spaces. As a result, residence of Caulfield village can enjoy durable, welcoming and liveable spaces.