Ruytons Girls School


Woods Bagot (VIC)

Architect: Bruno Mendes


Concrete Wall Panels

Flinders and Hampton in ETCH and SHOT


Bruno Mendes of Woods Bagot had a clear vision for the façade of the Margaret McRae Centre at the exclusive Ruyton Girls’ School in Kew – it had to be concrete.  STONE worked with Woods Bagot to create the subtle tactile effect for the rain screen façade using a combination of different coloured and textured concrete wall panels. The STONE panels entered from the exterior to the interior and back out again to give the impression of a building wrapped in concrete broken only by the sumptuous glass paneling at each end of the design.


STONE concrete experts worked in collaboration with the design and construction teams advising on both aesthetic and technical matters.  STONE’s owner Craig Bourne created a large sample panel with scale down units to convey Bruno Mendes’ design vision to the school committee. The STONE team worked with the engineers and builders to finalise all practical matters relating to fixing methods and regulatory compliance which included rigorous testing of the product.