MDG Landscape Architects


Custom Rebates, Pavers and Cladding

Custom Colour with Glass Aggregate


Camberwell Library & Municipal Offices underwent a major renovation which included extensive landscaping works.  The landscape improvements included tiered amphitheater styled seating, curved benches and terraces.  STONE was commissioned to create custom solutions for this complicated design.


STONE produced over 2000 units of custom capping, rebated coping and cladding.  The difficulty with the specification was that most of these units followed a flowing freeform curved pattern designed by the architect. STONE was able to provide solutions by making over 100 different custom moulds to create individual curved units in capping, rebated coping and cladding. From the plans STONE was able to bring to life the architects vision with impressive accuracy.


Each unit was branded with a code so that the laying team from 2Construct could easily see where each unit should be placed.  STONE also provided a custom mix design on this project which included a specialty colour with a glass aggregate that would be exposed during the shot blast process giving the product a subtle sparkle.